The Vineyard

Aromatic grape varieties

We have selected the most aromatic grapes varieties from Côtes de Provence : those which, combined with our volcanic soil, reveal the full sensuality of our wines.

Our rosés are made from Grenache, chosen for its finesse and intensity, Cinsault for the lightness of its aromas, Syrah, which adds fabulous red fruit notes and Tibouren with notes of citrus with a lemony predominance and a fine minerality in mouth.

Our reds are a blend of Syrah, chosen for its aromatic intensity and violet flavour, Grenache for its finesse and Mourvèdre for its notes of ripe red fruit.

Our white wine is made with Rolle or Vermentino which, if harvested when properly mature, reveals citrus and exotic fruit aromas.

Sustainable growing methods

As wine-growers, we have adopted growing methods that will help preserve our soil, remove the risk of pollution, and contribute to protecting the landscape and biological diversity. Our entire vineyard is equipped with a drip-feed system to prevent water stress due to our hot, dry summers. The grapes are harvested manually to ensure the best bunches are selected.